Study medicine at the EUC in Nicosia

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a modern, technology-driven six-year programme. It is accredited and licensed in the EU and also in the US. The programme is eligible for a Swedish student loan from CSN.

  • Full accreditation through the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) process
  • Designed according to EU directives and other international standards for healthcare education
  • Clinical training in both public and private hospitals
  • Diverse student body with students from Germany, Austria, Israel, Norway, UK, Ireland, Russia, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, USA and Greece
  • Awarded first prize for ‘Best Medical Solution’ and first prize for ‘Best Educational Installation’ in the Crestron International Awards competition
  • The degree prepares students for specialisation, academic training and/or research
  • Hands-on experience using realistic simulators and skills trainers. Access to the most advanced medical and laboratory facilities

You will experience a modern international medical education, with students from all corners of the world, as well as benefit from a dedicated faculty with Nobel Prize winners among your professors, and develop essential skills through clinical practice from the first year, to build knowledge and skills for your future career.

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The programme is suitable for students who want to work in Sweden after graduation, or those who want to pursue an international career. Our rigorous competency-based curriculum provides students with the best practices in patient care using innovative teaching strategies, advanced simulation tools and clinical skills training.

The equivalent of the Swedish general internship (AT) is included in the medical programme. The EUC has exclusive agreements with the major public and private hospitals in Cyprus for students’ clinical rotations. Summer internships in 10 countries provide experiential learning in a range of disciplines. All placements are conducted in English. Our experienced academic, clinical and career counsellors help students make the most of their training and become inspired doctors and leaders.

Medicine offers a dynamic career that will constantly challenge you to go to the next level, to interact with many different people and to remain at the forefront of research and discovery. Medicine is a profession where scientific innovation has a practical application with real-life problem solving, and where your skills will be in demand for immediate employment or specialisation, as well as in academia and/or research. Few professions offer such challenges, rewards and recognition.

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